Jack D. LeProwse

Who is Attorney Jack LeProwse?

Attorney Jack LeProwse, P.C. has been practicing law since 1982, after he graduated from the T.C. Williams School of Law, in Richmond, Virginia.  He has since dedicated himself to serving the Westminster area, in Colorado, where he has specialized in cases mainly involving family law and Social Security.  Because of his decades of practice, he has experience in a variety of issues within these areas of law.  He is dedicated to helping you solve your problems to the best of his energy and ability, representing you at an affordable price with quality representation.

In which legal areas does Attorney Jack LeProwse practice?

Attorney Jack LeProwse, P.C. has a full-service law office in Westminster.  He mainly works in family law, and also helps clients who have issues with Social Security and worker’s compensation.

Family law issues can vary, from divorce issues, to child support and custody, to paternity and marriage issues.  Family law issues are always complicated and emotional, even when parties are in agreement on the issues themselves.  Colorado recognizes both traditional marriage, with the ceremony and procedures, and common law marriage.  Prenuptial agreements, and whether or not you need one, are one of the issues relating to marriage that an attorney can help you with.  Dissolution of marriage can happen in multiple ways also, and involves issues such as division of property.  While Colorado is an equal distribution state, an attorney can still help protect your rights and make sure this is done fairly.

If you have had a Social Security claim denied, you are not alone.  Social Security claims are routinely denied, so many cases are appealed.  There is usually complicated paperwork, and Attorney Jack LeProwse, P.C. has experience helping people successfully complete and win their appeals.

If you have had a Worker’s Compensation claim denied, you might also need help with the appeal.   If you are entitled to help with Worker’s Compensation or Social Security, Jack LeProwse, P.C. offers good service at reasonable prices.

Which areas does Attorney Jack LeProwse serve?

A Westminster Attorney, located in Adams County,  JackLeProwsealso serves these surrounding counties :  Denver County, Broomfield County, and Jefferson County.  This includes the cities of Arvada, Broomfield, Thornton, Northglenn, Commerce City and Denver.  If you need help with a family law, Social Security or employment compensation claim, call Westminster Attorney Jack LeProwse at (303)428-8576 today.